Welcome to Westlake Timber Supply

We are a business dedicated to providing the best in quality and service

  • Variety of species, sizes and preservatives available
  • Wholesale, distribution and consumer purchase option
  • 24 hours service
  • Logistics team with ability to deliver nationwide
  • A commitment to highest quality service

Serving our valued customers across the United States, Westlake Timber Supply works tirelessly to supply top quality products, matched with exceptional service.

With a collective 50+ years’ experience in the Industrial Wood Product industry, our dedicated and trusted team, partner with manufacturers, distributors, builders, contractors, class one & short line railroads to provide strategically placed wholesale distribution platforms across the United States.

Within the Industrial Wood Products industry, WLTS offers comprehensive market, commodity and product lines to serve customers at every level. Not only serving distribution and wholesale quantities, WLTS also sells direct to consumers.

Collage of Westlake Timber Supply Products in Use including Used Railroad ties, Fence Posts, Pilings, and Hop Poles


Railroad - Cross ties and Switch ties
Used railroad ties
Fence Posts
Hop Poles