Used Rail Road Ties

Used Railroad Ties

For Landscaping, Fencing, Gardening, Retaining Walls & Dunnage

Westlake Timber Supply offers both treated and untreated (mixed hard wood) Used Railroad Ties. Available in wholesale and truckload quantities (approximately 250pcs per truck) we work with farmers, ranchers, landowners and lumberyards to sell #1 and # 2 landscape ties. As well as being used for decorative landscaping, USED Cross Ties can be used for sturdy and rustic looking structural projects like fences, steps, retaining walls, flower boxes, borders or walkways.

Cross tie lengths Approx. weight Truckload quantity
6" x 8" x 8-8'6" 125 lbs. 325
7" x 9" 8"-8'6" 150-175lbs 250
Switch tie lengths Approx. weight
7" x 8" x 9'-17' 150-275lbs